You dress me with words on such a day

And I wake with so much to say.

I feel like this one time,

You made my heart feel safe!

It isn’t what Kyagaba, Kirabo, Cynthia or Fiona had to say

But a promise, a promise to stay!


I always look forward to the being intimate with you

Not lust or sex to cure my dying dues

But an ever-present comfort from you.

With a whisper and a loving shoulder to lean on

You paint my skies blue and my love for you remains.

In the stillness of the night do I hear you smile…

And I know I made it worthwhile.


So don’t beat yourself up just yet,

Thinking that I don’t see your love for me.

I feel the same way too, and hope you can let me in.

For the meekness of my heart doesn’t cry out for another,

And my soul hopes in knowing it will be one with you.

I yearn to lovingly share in this one and everyday

For Valentines Day is here to stay,

As we give shade to our black and red future

In the hope, love and care we stay!


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