I’d like to enjoy the benefits of being with you

The sweet sounding joys of reminiscing desires

Passionate turns of laughter

And a coated hint of insistence between us.

But I feel like each time I push, you will pull

And like parallel lines, we will never meet.
So, the drawing is obscure hoping to find a meeting point

But the tendency to assist each other is covered

By my sheer need to hide my ‘luck’ therein;

And I fail at my supposed job each time I try.

Who knows what I am going through, who cares

But a faint glimmer of hope soon fades

When you seem not to care.
Do I judge myself to high that my bench mark is failure?

Do I strive to hard to simply pass across inadequacy?

Does my song seem to faint to be heard,

That the choir master chooses another?

Or am I the cymbal the drummer would rather not use,

When he gets to the high in the song?

How then, do I not see, your feelings for me…?
But still in the midst of it all, 

I seem to want to hold you, probably kiss you.

Maybe not find the bed and mess you,

But surely, I would love for it not to be fright that grips me…

Rather, joy, love, peace and happiness.

Until then, please don’t pull but rather push…

Maybe we might defy gravity and make it happen!