I found it really intriguing that someone would assume that climbing Mountain Rwenzori was as hard as having a blog follow up after a long 7 days. But for seasoned climbers, 7 days is the making or breaking of a person on Rwenzori and when you are done with the climb, all you want to do is soak in a tub with a book and nothing else to do. Then again, why shouldn’t we all have blessers? And this is where I will continue on from my friend Kahill….

I have found out that a blesser doesn’t necessarily have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé or even husband/wife. For as long as he/she has money and can provide and you will live on not “paying back”, he or she is a blesser! So, at this rate, I am sure I need a blesser to get me to start on this holiday line that I had planned for. The sweeter part of life is that #KoiKoiEast is coming up and these guys know how to put education, party and relaxation together. Well, sometimes it just doesn’t happen since you are tired from being educated and you couldn’t miss the party and slept so late trying to keep up with all social norms including vegetable intake! But then again, you are out of Kampala where everyone is slow and takes their time to figure out life!!!

So, to my blesser, I have found the perfect spot to start my vacation because since the time I climbed Rwenzori, I had no time to relax and rest. And since today of all days is valentines day, I feel like it is time for you to come out of hiding and share with me this one special thing that is called blessing while I think about how much I love you. But hey, I am not necessarily picky about who pays, however, I am more inclined to a heterosexual relationship because of preference. But I don’t mind a lady over her 40s or below her 30s to come and take me out and pay my dues. I will surely be glad that you thought deeply about me and I promise to start thinking about what to reciprocate with. But until then, I will wait for you, my blesser!


#chain 1 http://pkahill.com/blesser-part-1/