Forever young

The irresponsible that is responsible

A few friends of mine have come up with the phrase “being irresponsible” when it comes to life, friendship, party and the matters of the heart. It has reached a point where “irresponsible” has become a human being. I am... Continue Reading →

A Brunch to remember

A friend of mine texted me on Sunday morning about an eat out. Eat out? In this day and age, eat out always means seating at a ‘café’ somewhere in town and that is it. The fatigue that plagued me... Continue Reading →

Comic Review- The Children Of War by Elupe

“The following takes place between 3.00pm and 4.00am” This was a line we conjured up during a conversation with my friends as we sat and talked about life. Too many stories come up each time you seat together after a... Continue Reading →


I finally had the opportunity of living without DSTV in a long time. I always paid on time, had most of my days given more days and also my life around the TV was always on point. There were days... Continue Reading →

KoiKoi-South West: Day 2

I roll out of my bed to hopefully have a new day. Oops, it is not my bed. While we were having a lovely night I seem to have forgotten that I was no longer at home but on Bushara... Continue Reading →

KoiKoi-South West: Day 1

Its time to leave home at 6.30am and all I have on my mind is making it in time to pick up a friend who would needs to be at the set off point to sort out all the logistics.... Continue Reading →

Time to do #koikoi again!

Over time I have grown into myself and found what I want and don’t want. Most times I have found that with the growing times and seasons I have learnt something new to add to my list of excitements that... Continue Reading →

I Was Arrested for Abandoning a Baby #UGblogweek Mama Gundi, Hold Your Baby: Part III

Olive also known as Oleebranch started it and i picked up better on Dilman's Part IIB to continue on the #Ugblogweek stories. “Ssebo, ssebo…” I muttered out hoping to catch the attention of the policeman. I was sure he did not want... Continue Reading →

Jaja Gomesi Part 3 #UgBlogWeek

When I first read Fiona's narrative of a story told over the years about a kalabanda, it got me intrigued in the whole telling of local story. But because Nevender added a more modern twist to the story, i decided I would keep it... Continue Reading →

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